There is no more dreaded time of year than tax time if you ask me. Your room is covered in receipts and 1099′s and you are forced to calculate what you earned or didn’t earn the previous year. It is kind of like going to a doctors office and waiting for your results or in college waiting for your grades to come out. How much do I owe this year? Ugh it sucks.

With that being said, it can be really good to be a model or entertainer at tax time. There is a huge laundry list of deductions and a lot of them include leisurely things. Here is a break down of what you can write off and do it soon because there is only a month left!

Note: It is important to hire an accountant who is experienced in working with models because they will figure in all the proper deductions and there may be even more than listed here.


Auto Expenses: Gas, repairs, insurance, lease

Taxis, parking fees, tolls, subways/buses/cabs

Air fare, car rental, hotel, meals on the job or on trip for job

Promotional Expenses

Portfolio book, comp cards, audition tapes and mail outs, resume or any printing costs, business cards

Telephone Expenses

Cell phone calls, pay phone calls, toll calls, internet fees


Makeup, hair supplies, cuts/colors, mani/pedi, facials

Alterations, dry cleaning, office supplies, postage, envelopes

Legal fees

Gym cost

Computer/internet costs

Answering machine

Clothes or shoes bought for a photo shoot

A lot of the info here was drawn from http://www.ehlcpa.com

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