New York Post shoot styled by Celia herself

Who: Celia Ammerman

What: Model/Fashion Contributer at ElleGirl

Where: Born in Cynthiana, KY and currently resides in NYC

Celia, I am so proud to call you my friend! I have known you for 6 years or so and since then you have moved to New York, gained fans and respect from the fashion industry on Americas Next Top Model, worked at prominent stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Prada, was featured in big fashion publications and snagged a job as Fashion Contributer at ELLEgirl. This is all very admirable and you have stayed humble and kept your head on straight through it all.

Coming from a small town your style has always been very fashion-forward. Where do you draw your style inspiration?

Even when I lived in Kentucky I was glued to the computer researching every trend, fashion blog or online shopping site. During fashion week, I would find a look I loved on style.com for immediate adoption since there was no way I could afford (or access) top designer pieces. I remember taking scissors to widen the neck of an old sweater for an off-the-shoulder piece and borrowing my dad’s button down to achieve a Stella McCartney Fall 2002 look:

You began your modeling career a bit later than most. Do you think this was beneficial in any way or a detriment?

Absolutely! I wasn’t very attractive when I was younger. I really had to grow into my face. Confidence is imperative to modeling and I definitely wasn’t equipped with enough when I was 18.

What advice would you offer young girls who want to be in the industry?

Do you live and breathe Fashion? Yes? You’ll be just fine.

You were definitely a fan favorite on ANTM. I personally think it is because you are so relatable and you are the pretty, funny friend everyone wants to have. (aw thanks :)

Do you think personality can make or break you in the industry?

While Casting for Top Model, if you weren’t intriguing you didn’t last past the first cut. Sure, it was a reality show but it definitely extends to an actual set. You’re more likely to pop in to mind for the next gig if you’re well liked.

If given the opportunity to do ANTM again or another fashion related reality show, would you do it?

Absolutely. When Top Model gained Patrick Demarchlier, Zac Posen and A.L.T. as guest judges I was like, “Are you kidding me!?” I almost passed out.

Since you have accomplished so much already you must have REALLY big dreams and goals now. What are your plans moving forward?

As long as I’m in fashion, I’m completely fulfilled. I’m living in Manhattan, writing about fashion, working in fashion, modeling and loving every minute.

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