Years ago my mom gave me my first cook book. It was Betty Crocker. I read through it and then it gathered dust on my shelf because I was too intimidated to try any of the recipes. What I needed was to take baby steps into it until I gained enough confidence to try a more complicated recipe. This is where these cook books come in. They have amazing, healthy recipes and will ease you in slowly if you are not yet skilled in the kitchen.

If you are a person who absolutely loves comfort food and refuses to stray too far from it, this is the book for you. Rocco has created this amazing book of scaled down yummy foods such as chocolate brownies, penne alla vodka (recipe to come soon), and other favorites like fried chicken. All of the nutritional facts are listed so you can portion properly.

Some of my favorite recipes are found in Clean Eating. In fact I have a whole portfolio full of recipes I have pulled from their magazine. This book will introduce you to see new and exciting ingredients that you will start to incorporate into your every day cooking.

If you are not subscribed to Lisa Lillien a.k.a Hungry Girl’s daily emails you must right away. She works a lot with Weight Watchers points, and she scales down delicious desserts and pizzas, etc. She always seems to have the scoop on new products too which is a plus.

If you guys remember the Skinny Bitch phenomenon from a couple years ago, Kim Barnouin is back for more with the Ultimate Everyday Cookbook. I haven’t picked it up yet but the reviews are great on it. FYI it is a vegan cookbook so if you are not vegan don’t worry it is great to take the meat out of your meals a couple times a week.

Definitely one of my favorite cook books ever and you cannot get any easier. Most of the recipes have 5 ingredients or less and take under 20 minutes so this is a dream. It also features really pretty pictures of every recipe which is good for me because I like to have a reference for how things are supposed to look.

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