Living in New York provides you with a 24- hour lifestyle.  There is a delivery service for everything, any hour of the night. Insomnia cookies is beyond dangerous and our favorite Pad Thai place is on speed dial. While this is a city of convenience, you can find yourself indulging in these conveniences a bit too much.  This is why it is also great that Manhattan has all of the latest and greatest fitness fads. These are some of my faves:

Physique 57 (top left)


P57 is my absolute favorite workout class ever. It is 57 minutes of nonstop cardio exercises, ballet inspired moves, squats with a ball, and the ever- dreaded “thigh dancing.” You hurt in places you never have before and you find yourself addicted and going back for more day after day because of the results you see. I love the high- energy music, the one-on-one attention, and my perky butt after 2 weeks of Physique! If you don’t believe it works, look at Kelly Ripa and Christy Turlington-they swear by it. If you aren’t in NY or LA they sell awesome dvd’s on the website that are just as challenging as a class!

Pilates Sculpt (top right)

I grew up playing 3 sports so when it comes to working out I really enjoy workouts that get your heart pumping so when I tried Pilates I found myself staring at the clock the entire time. I do pretty intense workouts 4 times a week so 1 or 2 days a week I need to stretch and tone. Pilates sculpt incorporates all the old stretching techniques of regular Pilates but adds in a big sand ball and weights. This class makes you long and lean and is also great for people who need to start slow or for my preggo friends! You should be able to find variations of this class in your local gym.

Soul Cycle (middle)


I know spinning may seem intimidating but this class is the best cardio you can do in an hour’s time, period. I started spinning about 3 years ago and it scared me to death. I would sit in the back and stare enviously at the “front row-ers” doing their quick up and down jumps and endless stamina. After two weeks you really get the hang of it and really come to enjoy that rush of adrenaline and burning 500 calories isn’t a bad perk. Soul Cycle is a class in NY that incorporates weights, crunches on the bike and in some classes, bands that hang from the ceiling for an upper body workout. These classes are pricey but there are spin classes in almost every city so jump on a bike and start riding! I would definitely recommend buying a pair of spin shoes. You will see a huge difference in the way you spin and they last forever.

Jazzercise (bottom left)


I love Jazzercise so much because it reminds me of the Richard Simmons “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” tape my mom used to work out to in our living room. By the way did you guys know he has his own gym called Slimmons? I WISH this was in NY haha. Anyway, my awesome cousin, Kelly introduced me to Jazzercise and I wish everyone could have an instructor like her. This exercise fuses jazz dance, resistance training and intense cardio. Expect to shake your booty to Beyonce and 80’s and have a great time burning calories.

Bikram Yoga (bottom right)

I must admit I have never tried Yoga in my life. To me it must be even more boring than a Pilates class and to combine boring stretching with an 105 degree room, no thank you. However, since my two friends have gotten into it and love it I am giving it another thought. It is an hour and a half long class of difficult stretches where you sweat it all out. I am THE most inflexible person earth so should be interesting. I will report back when I get enough guts to go.

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