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City of Angels

I am back from LA and although I left you all with a void of posts for a few days, I think moving to LA will give me more material to work with. YES, I am finally moving to LA! It has been on my mind for about a year now and I just got [...]

LA Woman

Today I am taking off on a jet plane to the great city of Los Angeles! In an effort to soon be bi-coastal, Steve and I are going to look for apartments yippee! Can’t wait to see my West Coast buddies!

Fifteen Tidbits

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and realize that the ones I enjoy the most are the ones I can relate to. Usually these are the people who share information about themselves, post personal photos and let you into their life a bit. For instance, I love reading my best buddy, Kris’s [...]

Jet Setter

Some of you may have already seen this post. I just realized it somehow got posted accidentally awhile ago but I enjoyed this one so here it is again, just in case. I was lucky enough to live in Europe for 6 months of my modeling career.  For anyone who has the opportunity to live [...]

Just an Update

As you can see I have made a few changes to the site! A HUGE thank you to Monica and Samantha!! They both had so much patience working with me on the design of the site… you guys are awesome! Monica created the cute logo and Samantha helped customize the theme and write all the [...]


Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for visiting my site as it is getting developed and experiencing some growing pains. I will have a new theme and logo up by the end of the week which is very exciting! I am always working on ways to make the site nicer for all my readers [...]

Stylish Stationary

I received this email from The Zoe Report (Stylist Rachel Zoe) and had to post it because I am so in love! This is stationary from Izak Zenou, who is known for his high fashion illustrations featured in Chanel and Henri Bendel. He has teamed up with Expressionery to create these beautiful images. I think [...]

Chocolate Flax Banana Pie

Recipe and photo courtesy of (cannot get enough of her yummy recipes! You can buy some of her Vegan baked goods here- So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love bananas and chocolate together. I always add a banana to my chocolate protein shakes and whenever it is included in dessert I [...]

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

On days like today, you can’t help but feel blessed this is your back yard

Fiona’s 1st bday party

Had to add a few photos of Fiona’s birthday party with her Aunt Doggie Dog