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Dance Your Ass Off

Some days it just feels near impossible to drag yourself out of bed or away from whatever pleasures you are enjoying to exercise. I have found the solution people! My friend, Rose introduced me to dance classes. Yes I know this is not anything new but I was always too shy to try them out. [...]

Don’t Be a Weekend Slacker

A lot of us loosen our workout load on the weekends. Who wants to spend time in the gym when you can be at the beach? Well, studies show we take in more calories on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This is no surprise really but being lax about our eating and exercising can really cause [...]

P90x Day 1 and 2

I just finished the second day of P90x and wow am I feeling it. Yesterday was filled with every type of push up imaginable, which is my biggest hate. At least, this day is over with for another week! Today I did Ab Ripper (that I found out was supposed to be yesterday) and Plyometrics. [...]

Reality Check

As I have talked about in the past, I have struggled with yo-yo dieting and exercising for a good part of my life. This industry I am in can distort your image of what you really look like. I usually feel okay about the way I look until I have a terrible job fitting where [...]

Pre and Post-Workout Food

What you’re eating before and after exercising just may be making or breaking all the work you put in. It is important not to work out on a full belly, or an empty one either. Eat a nutritionally balanced meal 1-2 hours before your exercise. Try to eat enough calories to equal about half of [...]

Fit and Fabulous

Living in New York provides you with a 24- hour lifestyle.  There is a delivery service for everything, any hour of the night. Insomnia cookies is beyond dangerous and our favorite Pad Thai place is on speed dial. While this is a city of convenience, you can find yourself indulging in these conveniences a bit [...]

Fitness Fashionista

Top to bottom: Lululemon top/pants, Polar watch, Lulu headband, Reebok Zig sneakers, Athleta top Call me crazy but I strongly feel that a cute outfit and fun gear can give you motivation to workout. It’s so difficult finding gym pants that fit a 5’11 frame but you can trust Lululemon ( and Athleta ( to [...]