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Tuna Pasta Salad

Hey everyone! Been a busy, busy girl lately getting ready for my move. My mom surprised me with a last minute flight home to see my family for Easter so that is where I am for the next couple days. Although it would be tough for me to move back to a small city, I [...]

Interview with a Plus-Sized Model

Who: Nicole Le Bris What: Plus-Sized Model Where: New York City To me the whole modeling world is confused, especially if they categorize YOU as “Plus Sized.” What sizes are considered Plus? Plus size starts where ‘straight size’ ends. There is no in between category, sadly. So it starts at about an eight, I wouldn’t [...]

City of Angels

I am back from LA and although I left you all with a void of posts for a few days, I think moving to LA will give me more material to work with. YES, I am finally moving to LA! It has been on my mind for about a year now and I just got [...]

LA Woman

Today I am taking off on a jet plane to the great city of Los Angeles! In an effort to soon be bi-coastal, Steve and I are going to look for apartments yippee! Can’t wait to see my West Coast buddies!

Summer Lovin’

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Summer Look Book preview. OBSESSED.

Casting Essentials

Going to castings is a crucial part of being a model. It can be a very exhausting process. When I lived in Greece I would go to between 5-10 castings a day and had to trek from one side of the city and back, by impossible public transportation. You can complain all you want but [...]


I have a really bad habit of keeping 20 tabs open of food recipes and clothes I want. I guess I feel that if I keep them open, somehow the fashion gods will drop them on my door step…or maybe my boyfriend will catch a glimpse of one and decide to buy it for me [...]

Buddy Bands

“Friends forever, always will be friends” …c’mon you know you know the words. Speaking of Saved by the Bell, do any of you still watch when it comes on at like 7 am? It seriously cheers up sleepy/grumpy mornings instantly. Anyway, how cool are these bracelets?! I need to get some 10 year old girl [...]

VS Angels Now and Then

Tell me….which Angel do you prefer? 2011 Angel Candice Swanpoel OR 90′s Angels-Karen Mulder, Helena Christensen, Tyra Banks

A Mother’s Perspective

Hi mom! We have talked for years about reaching out in one way or another to aspiring models and educating them through the process of beginning their modeling career. When I showed interest in high school, we didn’t even know where to start. We thought our only option was to pay thousands of dollars to [...]